Banana Fiber Cotton

banana fiber
banana fiber

The most commonly quoted example of fabric made from banana fibre is that of Japan’s bashôfu, an integral part of Okinawan heritage. The process of weaving banana fibre fabric begins with sourcing the pseudostem of the banana tree To make the yarn, the extracted threads of varying lengths are dried and then knotted in one of two ways to make it usable on a handloom. This is a labour- and time-intensive process.

“Vazhai Naaru’, Banana Fiber is as superior as Cotton, apart from being Eco-friendly Natural Fibers And Textiles – Khadi, Silk, Jute, Banana, Bamboo, Woolen are utilize to produce Saris, The looms used for weaving are 1.2 meters and weaving on them is a painstaking process. It takes a month to weave one sari. It is very comfortable to wear and relieves off the scorching heat as they have a cooling effect.


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